Kitchen Wrap Terms & Conditions

Its important to us that customers understand exactly what to expect when booking. Please take the time to read and understand everything bellow before proceeding with your kitchen wrap.  



All quotes sent to you are contractual offers on our part. Our quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. No binding contract will be formed between us until such times as:


  • We have checked all the information supplied for your quote is correct
  • Deposit is paid ( No less than 25% of the total price)




Payment must be made before our installer leaves the premises. If a revisit to complete is required, at least 50% (Taking the bill paid to 75%) is required to be paid upon 1st day install, with the balance being paid on completion.


Late Payments


If you withhold any outstanding payments a charge of 4% will be added every 7 days until payment is made in full.


About kitchen wraps


A kitchen wrap is designed to change the colour of a kitchen. Wraps are not a way to repair broken or damaged doors, units or worktops. This is a cheaper alternative to buying a new kitchen or new doors. You will find imperfection how many will depend on the current state of your kitchen and vinyl range chosen. 


Times and Dates


Our team will always do our best to honour the booking but in the event of sickness or production delays we will contact you asking when would be best to reschedule. We understand this can be frustrating for customers and hope they understand that in these times meeting deadlines has become increasingly difficult for all. 


Worktop wraps


Worktop wraps are only designed to give the appearance of new worktops. They are not seamless and can be damaged the same as non wrapped worktops. Hotpots and cutting should be done on cutting boards.


For the best finish we recommend you arrange for the sink, cooker or any other obstructions including old silicone be removed prior to our arrival. If you can’t or choose not to have obstructions removed there will be visible joins and possible imperfections.




Splashbacks are only designed to cover current old tiles and walls. They are not seamless and don’t come with any guarantees. For a better finish we recommend having any obstructions like taps removed prior to our arrival. Your old walls and cabinets might have size inconsistencies, our team will do our best to compensate for this BUT allowances must be made.


If we are fitting over old substrates then you can expect 1mm to 12mm cavities between our panels and the wall. We won’t be liable for filling this cavity or fitting trims.


Expect joining strips on joins and socket cover.




For a better finish we recommend customers remove all old mastic and Silicone before installation.


Our team will install a complimentary silicone service when necessary (This is a free service) For a high quality finish we recommend customers hire a professional for this job. 




It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the kitchen has been cleaned and all grease and grime removed. Failure to do this can affect wrap quality and longevity.


If our team arrives to start work and the kitchen is not clean and tidy they will ask if you would like to reschedule to be more prepared (This will incur extra costs). Please do not take offence over this. If you need assistance with cleaning please let staff know and we can arrange a subcontract cleaning company to carry out this work. ( This will incur extra costs )




We do not move whitegoods as this could cause damage to the appliance or things around the appliance. If an appliance blocks access to part of your cabinets this will be missed. To avoid this we recommend you have this moved prior to our installation


Hinges, Handles and General fixings


Over time your hinges and handles will have wear and tear. We are not responsible for broken or damaged hinges, handles or fixings. 




All our products are hand made and can have imperfections. These can not be compared to ‘NEW’ but are as close to new as possible. 




You are responsible for checking any work carried out by our installers before they leave the premises any callouts that could have been fixed on the day will be chargeable at an hourly installation rate of £50 per hour.


We build relationships with our customers based on trust. We pride our self on honesty and, with us, you’ll never be in the dark. Let’s work together to make your kitchen look like new.

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