How much does a kitchen wrap cost UK?

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How much does a kitchen wrap cost UK

A professional kitchen wrappers say on How much a kitchen wrap cost

You will find that the price of wrapping your kitchen will change greatly depending on the size of the kitchen and vinyl used.

In this Video our installer explains the difference between the vinyls and price ranges. 

How much does a kitchen wrap cost UK? 

You can expect to pay anything from £400 to £2000 and before you say it yes this is a wide range.

This depends on 2 main things. 

Size of kitchen  and Vinyl type 

The market is full of vinyls that can be used on kitchens, It doesn’t mean they should be used.

The cheapest being DC Fix. This is a DIY vinyl and personally I wouldn’t use it. That’s why we would never be the cheapest for kitchen wrapping. The vinyls we use are thicker and better.

For a medium size kitchen plus worktop wraps we would be between £900 and £3000. All the vinyls we use are tried and tested, So whatever end of that price range you find yourself in we have a tried and tested vinyl for you.

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